A Public Forum, May 14, 2015 – Tim Gill

A Public Forum, May 14, 2015. An Evening with Tim Gill.TIM GILL_POSTER_PRINTING_FINAL copy

As parents and caregivers, we naturally want to protect our children from harm. How much protection is reasonable?  When does care tip over into bubble wrapping? Managing the risk and the benefits of unstructured play strikes at the heart of our childrearing beliefs and practices.

How do we make Toronto a Child Friendly City?  Please join us for a lively evening of discussion related to improving children’s play environments and opportunities in dense urban living conditions. Our purpose is to facilitate collaborative and multi-disciplinary thinking about children’s time and places, around supervision and risk management.

We will hear from Tim Gill,  an internationally recognized thinker on the changing nature of childhood, play policy and ideas about the playable city. He is the former Executive Director of Play England and the author of “No Fear: Growing up in a risk averse Society”, as well as numerous commissioned studies about play provision and risk. Tim is regularly consulted for his opinion about children’s issues in the public realm. His website Rethinking Childhood provides a steady stream of thought and information about childhood in the city.  Our panel of local experts will share their thoughts about local initiatives. The audience will be invited to ask questions and enter into the conversation.

We need a nuanced and committed play policy to support future efforts at park and playground design, recreational programming, and the design of public space – one that puts children’s healthy development at the forefront of our engineered solutions.

Presented by The PLAYbynature Project and GreenHere, in collaboration with Councillor Ana Bailão, the City of Toronto Parks and Recreation, Planning and Community Development Departments, Earth Day Canada, Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation, Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds, and the Canadian Wildlife Federation.