About Our Programs

About Our Programs

PLAYbynature Programs – POP UP Adventure Playgrounds and Trainings

PLAYbynature is developing programs to improve play provision in a variety of neighbourhood settings. We advocate for more and better play opportunities for children that involve free, self-directed play and encourage outdoor, active play.

Currently, we offer a variety of programs including:

POP UP Adventure Playgrounds

We bring a truck of materials and items to stimulate children’s imaginations, creativity, fine and gross motor skills, and improve social, Adventure Playemotional, and physical development.

We are there to indirectly supervise, to look out for harm and offer assistance if needed- but it is a time for children to use the items as they wish and be free of direction and direct supervision.



Staff Trainings and Early Childhood Education

We offer trainings based on play principles and self-directed play. PLAYbynature is certified with the OPAL (Outdoor Play and Learning) Programme.

Contact us for more information on one of our POP UP Adventure Playgrounds or for Training Opportunities.