Apartment Building Green Spaces

PLAYbynature will be working in collaboration with Toronto Community Housing to mount POP UP Adventure Playgrounds on their properties and to engage TCH communities in discussions about priority improvements around their apartment buildings for play and leisure. We want apartment dwelling children to be able to use the open space around their buildings in the way that homeowners’ children can use their front yards and driveways.


Glamis Adventure Playground, Tower Hamlets, East London


Social Housing Green Space, London, England

During the summer heat waves, families in high rise apartments can be particularly vulnerable, lacking access to air conditioning, cool basements or nearby shady parks. Finding a cooler shaded place on the ground that is close to home, and also, a social play space for the children could make life a lot more bearable for the many thousands of families that live in TCH or privately owned apartments in the city.

Check our calendar for POP UP dates at TCH sites.

Apartment building green spaces are important not only for those living in those spaces but also for the improved health and vibrancy of the entire city.

Contact us if you would like to book a POP UP in your neighbourhood in 2015.