Research for Play

An urban day at the beach, or a money drain?IMG_0746[1]
An interactive splash park, or an eye-sore?

PLAYbynature is currently conducting research into our parks’ water features and we’d love to get your thoughts. We’d like to know why communities value their wading pools, how much time is spent at splash-pads, as well as other factors which might play into public decision-making for our water features.

You can help by filling out our 5 minute questionnaire or by e-mailing us with your input and questions at

Enjoy the weather and water play (while it lasts!)

Fun in the Sun at Junction and Campbell Park Pop-Ups!

It was hot under the sun this week-end, but fortunately the ice cream and patches of shade at the Junction Summer Solstice Festival and Councillor Ana Bailao’s Community BBQ at Campbell Park offered some respite.

IMG_1513 IMG_1520

Dress-ups and a Teeter-Totter on Medland St. at the Junction Festival


Pop-Up and Permanent playgrounds at the Campbell Park BBQ

We were happy to see so much participation and support at both events and are looking forward to Wednesday’s Pop-Up at Fairmount Park!