City Parks

Toronto is alive with construction cranes.  Increasing population has put more pressure on our public parks to serve as outdoor recreation space, yet many of our city parks and playgrounds have seen little investment over the last 20 years.


With unprecedented levels of childhood obesity, anxiety among children and depression among teens, we have become aware of a crisis in childhood.

The time is ripe for a new era of parks and playground design.

PLAYbynature is working to put play and play value at the centre of new initiatives to renew parks, playgrounds, school grounds and green spaces. When play value informs parks planning decisions, every dollar spent on landscaping and planting materials also creates active social space, so that our parks become interactive – places to be and places to do.


Planting for play means we plant trees for shade and cooling; we plant hardy native species that renew themselves easily; we allow for the sense of mystery, adventure, roaming, hanging out and privacy that children need in outdoor settings.  We integrate structures and features that make this natural landscape accessible to anyone.