Planting for Play

A good play environment doesn’t have to be natural.  We can build them.


Glamis Adventure Playground, East London, England

But if you look really closely, what you are really seeing is a human-made forest!

Few UK children connected to nature : Young boys playing on fallen tree in Autumn

Nothing provides multi-layered enrichment of discovery more than real live nature!


Consider one little patch of grass and bushes.  You can hide, seek, pick, weave, toss, dig, climb, hang, search, add onto, take away from, gather together, be alone, make it into a house, a cave, a tree top, a jungle, and much more.   Nature’s ambiguities lend themselves to imaginative play, while providing texture and fragrance, taste and touch.

PLAYbynature is working to put active play value at the centre of parks improvement plans.

The qualities of the Child Friendly City will make places that are friendly for everyone.