Governments don’t necessarily have children’s play on their radar.  They think they have bigger problems and maybe they do.  But healthy thriving children are important too, in the present and for the future of our society.  Many negative outcomes for children can be prevented through adequate play provision.  Obesity, mental illness, anti-social behaviour  – are just some examples of the “big” societal problems that may be related to play deprivation and certainly could be improved with better provision.

It isn’t always obvious which decisions or omissions are contributing to the problem.

PLAYbynature is dedicated to establishing play as a legitimate area for government policy and action and seeking out reform in areas that impact on the child’s right to play.  If you would like to help, you can do something right now!  Click here to read the Playwork Principles and show your support by “liking” them, sharing them and adding your comments.

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Play is an essential form of learning for children.  Play is a protected right. Our governments need to know that we care about play and we want support for play provision.