POP UP Adventure Playgrounds

Slide24From May to November 2014, PLAYbynature will produce a series of POP UP Adventure Playgrounds!

The POP UP Adventure Playground is a 6 hour free event in a park, green space or closed street setting. We bring a truck full of stuff:  large format cardboard, duct tape, rope, cable spools, things on wheels, old suitcases, tires, dress-ups, fabric, pots and pans, shovels, street chalk and all sorts of odds ands ends to stimulate the children’s creativity into making their own playground, swings, a cardboard city, obstacle courses and many other things we cannot predict.


Children, ages 3 – 15 will find lots to do. Volunteers, trained in playwork principles, will be present to help but not to direct. It will be a long day of making and doing. Some kids will make a cardboard go-cart; others may want to build a swing; many will be happy dressing up or digging in sandy soil. With enough supplies, your children will keep themselves busy for hours. Parents will be amazed at how patient, inventive and focused their children become when they are in “deep play”.



Parents. We invite you to relax!  Chat with us about how to make play in your local park more interesting for children all the way up to the teenage years and how to make the park more pleasant for everyone.

We will post new dates on this site and Facebook as we book them.

Learn more about the models that have inspired us.  See  POP UP Adventure Play, U.K. and POP Up Park Buffalo, New York.