Public Space Improvements

During the POP UP Adventure Playgrounds, GreenHere will lead parents and other interested adults on a Walk & Talk through the surrounding green space. We want to help local communities identify the most essential changes that will improve the green space quickly and affordably, adding more play value and making the park more useable for everyone.

Volunteer day david pointingOnce a green space “sprouts” into active space, providing more play value and socially useful space for everyone, ideas will emerge about how to improve it further and a long-term capital improvement plan can be developed in collaboration with community partners, the city or other landowners.

As a project of GreenHere, PLAYbynature is drawing on a decade of experience in urban reforestation and community greening initiatives that have included parks and tree audits, parks improvement plans, planting and stewardship programs, school yard improvements, workshops for children, youth and adults. We are experienced in planning, approvals processing and project management.

Into this mixture of community-based public space improvements, PLAYbynature is bringing the focus on play and play value, particularly for children who have outgrown the climbing structures and sandboxes that are most commonly provided in playgrounds.


Berlin School Ground

Our children need more complex environments for all the different types of play and for many hours of play, if they are to thrive.

If you have an interest in working with us on a playground improvement, please feel free to contact us by clicking here.